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Research and Development Strategy

Research and Development Strategy WEED Inc. will research and develop new patents, products, and treatments focused on the development of cannabis and hemp derived compounds with the hopeful outcome of improving the overall quality of life for both humans and animals. WEED Inc.’s initial research includes, but is not limited to:
  • A dedicated seed bank, nursery and high-tech genomics laboratory using the latest high-speed gene compiling techniques to identify genetic markers in specific strains that show an effect in the treatment of specific diseases and conditions.
  • A medicated gel for oral use in a range of applications for the fifty percent of Americans suffering periodontal disease, including persistent mouth and throat ulcers in cancer patients receiving treatments such as radiotherapy.
  • A method of treatment and wound dressing which will hopefully accelerate healing in patients with basel cell carcinoma, other skin cancers, and open wounds. ?
  • A patentable proprietary method of electrochemically bonding the CO2 molecule responsible for maintaining the acid form of cannabinoids, namely THCa and CBDa. This would render TCHa and CBDa medicines as a permanently non-psychoactive medicine. ?
  • Treatment for anxiety and depression. These conditions represent “the final frontier” of cannabis medicine and medical developments. WEED Inc. is committed to this important scientific research and development with the goal of hopefully developing new methods of treatments and products for the huge number of patients worldwide suffering from these debilitating conditions.
  • A top priority is to identify and develop anti-inflammatory treatments, pain medication and products to aid in counteracting the worldwide dependence on opioids.
  • A corporate goal to mitigate the devastating effects of PTSD/TBI and other ailments associated with Veterans related emotional and physical health issues with THC and cannabidiol based treatments, products and therapies.


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