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Even though the global Cannabis market is still in its infancy, many investment experts are making bold predictions about where it could be headed, such as The Green Fund’s Mark Bernberg who wrote recently “We believe that the largest cannabis company in the world doesn’t even exist yet.”

Value as a Medicine

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As the liberalization of Cannabis laws continues, and access to medicinal products derived from Cannabis increases the value of medical cannabis institutions and products are expected to increase accordingly. Some estimates predict that the value of the North American Cannabis market will reach 146.4 billion dollars by the end of 2025 (1). A significant contributor to that forecasted growth is the increased use of Cannabis derived medicines and treatments for a broader range of ailments and conditions than it is currently being used to care for.

Due to recent regulatory changes medical professionals, researchers, and scientists will have more opportunities to study the effects of Cannabinoid compounds. This will likely lead to the discovery of better and more varied ways to employ Cannabis as a medicine.

In a related development, on March 20th of this year, Mr. Glenn E. Martin, CEO of WEED, Inc. announced that WEED, Inc., and Yissum (of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) signed first-of-its-kind deal for exclusive license, assignment and transfer to WEED Inc. of groundbreaking intellectual property for novel technologies and formulations of cannabis-related and cannabinoid-based products for the treatment of medical disorders and

WEED Inc. in the same press release also announced that it has entered into a consulting agreement with Prof. Elka Touitou, of the Institute of Drug Research, School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prof. Touitou is a pioneer in cannabinoid research and published the firsts scientific work on transdermal delivery of cannabinoids in 1988. Prof. Touitou and WEED, Inc. are looking to develop efficient products focused on
woman's health, utilizing Cannabinoids.

WEED Inc. and its subsidiaries WEED Australia Ltd., WEED Hong Kong Limited along with WEED Israel Cannabis Ltd. are proud to sponsor the 2019 MardiGras Cannabis law reform rally & gathering in Nimbin N.S.W. This gathering, which first occurred spontaneously in 1993 in response to a law enforcement crackdown on Cannabis providers has been a local fixture of the community ever since. Held to protest the legality (or lack thereof) of Cannabis, educating the public of the benefits of Cannabis, and celebrating Australia’s Cannabis culture, the event has become the best known Cannabis Rally in all of Australia.

It’s natural that WEED Inc. and its subsidiaries WEED Australia Ltd. are playing an active role in celebrating this exciting smoke filled Rally. WEED Australia Ltd. is thrilled to help bring about change with as much fun as possible.

Nimbin’s MardiGras festival resonates the values of WEED Inc. and its founder Glenn E. Martin. Mr. Martin has more than 49 years of experience advocating for the cannabis industry, and for reforms to cannabis regulations.

WEED Inc. is a leader in the global cannabis research sector with its “Cannabis Genomic Study” presently now in phase two of a five-part study. The data collected and defined will be used to create new cannabis-derived treatments, therapies, and compounds for both man and beast. 

WEED Australia Ltd. is committed to being a major player in the emerging Australian Cannabis marketplace. In March 2018 WEED Australia Ltd. established its non-profit research foundation the Cannabis Institute of Australia. The C.I.A. was founded with the goal of creating a scientific advisory council to establish national protocols and procedures backed by scientific research.

WEED Australia Ltd. is now firmly planted in the fertile ground of Australia’s burgeoning Cannabis industry. WEED Inc. and its subsidiary WEED Australia Ltd. continues to form lasting connections with like-minded researchers, politicians, scientists, advocates, and other long-standing voices in the struggle towards reform and legalization of Cannabis and Hemp products thought out Australia. WEED Inc. and its subsidiary WEED Australia Ltd. are proud to sponsor the Nimbin’s 2019 MardiGras and is excited to reach out to all of Australia and the fantastic people who live there.


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