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Actively Pursuing Scientific Solutions in the hemp and cannabis fields

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Actively Pursuing Scientific Solutions

  • WEED, Inc. is actively pursuing scientific solutions to fulfill the growing demand for treatments, therapies, products and hopeful cures of human and animal diseases.
  • WEED, Inc. is developing scientifically valid and evidence-based cannabis strains for the production of disease-specific medicines.
  • WEED, Inc. is eighteen months into a five-year Cannabis Genomic Study. The goal of the study is to complete a Global Genomic Classification of the Cannabis plant genus.
  • WEED, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary Sangre BioSciences has evaluated, updated and validated new methods for DNA extraction. Next generation purification, along with sequencing, annotation, and tissue culture techniques will allow new high-value cannabis strains to be identified and developed.
  • WEED, Inc. plans to use the completed Global Genomic Classification to develop new cannabis strains that show the highest likelihood of being successful in the treatment of a variety of animal and human diseases.
  • WEED Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary WEED Australia Ltd.’s nonprofit arm, The Cannabis Institute of Australia, is establishing the Australian Cannabis & Hemp Scientific Advisory Council to establish national protocols and procedures specific to Australia’s emerging medical cannabis and scientific research communities.


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