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Value as a product

The advent of adult legal use of Cannabis has caused an explosion of innovation. The rate at which new products being offered in this space is occurring is somewhat unprecedented and isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. As the pace of this modernization and the scale of Cannabis and Hemp cultivation operations continues to grow, the costs associated with production will fall. The expectation is that this will lead to higher margins and greater
profitability for the industry overall.

It’s hard to predict what the growth of the Cannabis and Hemp industries will be, as so much of its future is tied to changes in legality. The one consistent prediction, however, is that growth is coming. Whenever another US state or another country opens up the possibility for legal Cannabis use, it increases the opportunities and changes the landscape.

Value as an investment

Cannabis and Hemp cultivation, processing, medical applications, and related products for both human and animals are now becoming the wave of the future. A future in which Cannabis and Hemp are a mainstream industry
which could eclipse other related products, such as beer, wine and tobacco
and any number of medical applications and treatments.

There is a broad global interest in investment in this emerging space. With the legalization of adult use, Cannabis coming to pass in Canada, the possibility that something similar could come to pass in the US, Australia,
and the rest of the world seems easier to believe than ever before.

For those with the imagination to see where this road could lead, and the willingness to take a chance, the potential for returns could be substantial. Make no mistake though, and Cannabis is moving out of the smoky back
rooms and is no longer something to laugh about. It is becoming a significant business budding with possibilities.


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